Our Journey

Our Journey began in 2016 with Founder of Eco-Kiddles Laurie from Cardiff, South Wales, became increasingly frustrated with the options of plastic cling films and aluminium foils to cover her sons school lunch sandwiches in.


After researching beeswax wraps and the high price attached to them she set out to find a way of making them not only vegan friendly but affordable for everyone. Locally sourcing 100% cotton and 100% soy wax with a touch of experimenting and a lot of time she came up with the Eco-Kiddles vegan friendly reusable food wrap - picking out fun and interesting patterns that her son would love when opening up his lunch.

Eco –Kiddles has been growing ever since.

Our mission is to find plastic alternatives at an affordable price.  We supply to numerous zero waste shops around the world and our customers come from far and wide.  We are always overjoyed when we have orders from as far as Australia and Brazil to know that our products are being used instead of harmful plastics.

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